Cleaning Photo Gallery

A dirty carpet being cleaned with one of our SERVPRO vacuums.

It's Time to get the Carpets Cleaned

At SERVPRO we specialize in carpet cleaning, and spot removal. No job is too large, or too small, and each is treated with the same professional cleaning you deserve. At SERVPRO we have certified technicians to take care of your carpets.

Deodorization of Apartment

This is a picture of a hydroxyl generator used by SERVPRO of South Albany County for deodorization during bio hazard, mold, and fire jobs. Hydroxyls are excellent for the removal of bio odors and can be placed in occupied spaces where people, pets and plants cannot be removed. In this particular job an apartment had its refrigerator go out and all the food spoiled. SERVPRO of South Albany County was able to clean the affected area with a product designed for bio odors, clean the HVAC ducts and coil and then leave the hydroxyl generator for two days eliminating any lingering odors. If you would like to have your house or business deodorized call SERVPRO of South Albany County.